10 Best Silver Mining Stocks to Invest In

best silver stocks 2017

With higher gold prices and new production from the recently acquired Wharf gold mine, Coeur produced $47.8 million in operating cash flow and $14.6 million in free cash flow in Q3. And Coeur has really cleaned up its balance sheet, as it now has $222.5 million in cash and cash equivalents, with $401.7 million in total debt; net debt fell by over $70 million in Q3. With a recent $200 million at-the-market stock offering, Coeur’s net debt position will actually be close to neutral following closing of the offering and redemption of its 7.875% senior notes due 2021. Meanwhile, Coeur continues to trade at a low valuation, as shares trade at an EV/EBITDA of 10.9 and a forward P/E of 12.36, according to Yahoo Finance.

While there has been higher gold production at its Wharf mine, its San Bartolome mine has struggled with lower silver production due to drought conditions. Silver is reliant on low https://forexbox.info/ opportunity costs to drive investment. Opportunity cost is the potential return on one asset that’s given up for the opportunity to make a larger gain with a different asset.

The 10 Best-Performing Silver Stocks of 2016

With the stock off of its highs, now is a good time to do a deep dive. But only if you are willing to take on a little more risk, since the Lucky Friday strike adds a lot of near-term uncertainty here. Hecla is a bad-news-could-be-good-news story for more aggressive investors. That’s partly because it’s dealing with a strike at the Lucky Friday mine, one of its key assets.

Another option for investors is precious metals and speculative cryptocurrencies. Perhaps it is committed to a transparent investment vehicle for precious https://trading-market.org/ metals extraction. The vision of this silver mining company is to expand its streams and become the world’s largest silver extraction vehicle.

The 3 Best Silver Mining Stocks to Buy in 2017

Endeavour Silver Corp is a mid-tier precious metals mining company that operates three high grade, underground, silver-gold mines in Mexico. For every silver mining company that yields profitable returns, this silver mining etf is one of them as it simply keeps a record of successful silver mining corporations and helps investors trade in high-yielding shares. That said, it is a highly profitable company with remarkable yields in the long run. While most silver stocks deal directly in silver mining, this company works with a network of silver mining companies.

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Is Pan American Silver Stock Still A Buy After Q1 Earnings? (NYSE ….

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Of course, this works both ways, as a 10%-20% drop in silver prices can also result in a 30% loss, or greater. As you can see in the below chart, silver miners have provided leverage to silver prices this year, as the SIL ETF has returned 94.44% as of writing, compared to a 20% gain in the SLV. Every year I like to give my top silver stock picks for the upcoming year.

Avino Silver & Gold Mines (TSXV:ASM,NYSEMKT:ASM)

Add in a touch of balance-sheet safety, and the outlook for this trio of silver stocks is solid, no matter what the commodity market brings. As I touched upon earlier, lower silver prices proved a hurdle for First Majestic in 2017, as did higher cash costs because of a strike at one of its mines. I expect the miner to get back on the growth track in 2018 and beyond as it scales up production and brings down costs, which should also mean a brighter year for the silver mining stock. Demand for silver is rising due to its importance in lower-carbon energy. That should enable silver mining companies to produce more silver. It should also help drive the price of silver higher over the long term.

And Hecla is looking at ways to extend the life of a new asset, the San Sebastian mine, which had its first year of production in 2016. Assuming Helca is successful in its efforts to extend the life of San Sebastian, the near term could turn out a lot brighter than it appears right now. Looking out longer term, the company has projects it expects to begin producing early in the next decade.

Silver Bear Resources (TSX:SBR,OTCMKTS:SVBRF)

But Endeavor’s near-term, organic growth potential is the primary reason I put the stock on this list. With production at the Parral mine expected by 2019, the ultimate goal is to build and operate three new mines within the next three years. For these reasons, this is a silver stock worth betting on in 2017. Our in-house research has shown that by using the hedge fund sentiment data, we can identify a small group of stocks that can outperform the S&P 500 index on an average by double digits annually.

best silver stocks 2017

That works out to a more than $11-per-ounce buffer compared to the current price of silver, and well over $700 per ounce in margin buffer to gold’s current spot price. This year won’t be great for silver miners production wise. And that’s an important number to watch, even if higher precious metals https://day-trading.info/ prices help to offset the blow of weak production. On that score, First Majestic, Pan American, and Hecla all have very interesting stories to tell investors. With varying degrees of exposure to silver, each is worth a deep dive if you are looking for the best silver mining stocks to buy in 2017.


But it’s using the work stoppage to upgrade the mine with new equipment, so there’s, pardon the pun, a silver lining there. That said, while Lucky Friday is down, the company’s revenues have shifted toward gold. McEwen Mining Inc is a diversified gold and silver producer and explorer with operating mines located in Nevada, Canada, Mexico, and Argentina. The top hedge fund holder is also Jim Simon’s Renaissance Technologies with $4 million invested in the stock at the end of September. Silver is also used in a wide range of industrial processes. Along with gold, it is considered a safe-haven for investors against economic crises because they are resistant to inflation as they can’t be „printed” at will.

  • Great Panther is down by 16.9% and is one of my top picks on this list currently.
  • Things have improved since, with Pan American even doubling its quarterly dividend to $0.025 per share earlier this year as stronger metal prices and lower costs boosted the company’s cash flows.
  • Demand for silver is rising due to its importance in lower-carbon energy.
  • While both these promises have encouraged the stock market to climb more, eventually the spending plan is likely to be a factor causing increased inflation.

Consequently, even though many companies mine some silver, it often contributes a relatively minor portion of their revenues. I was expecting a strong quarter from Hecla given its solid Q3 production results (which I covered in detail here), but results exceeded expectations. I like the company’s growth potential, as it owns a massive silver reserve base (170 million ounces), plus long-term development projects containing an addition 331 million silver ounces in resources. In the short term, the stock could go lower, and I’d wait to see a resolution of the Lucky Friday strike before considering an investment. Again, silver stocks are highly volatile and prone to large price swings.

Silver miners are highly volatile and I think investors should try to use this volatility to their advantage, buying stocks on dips and perhaps taking some gains on upswings. You can see above that investors would have been smart to lock-in some gains in the summer, when the SIL was up 175% year-to-date at one point. Without further ado, let’s look at the 10 best silver mining stocks to invest in. These stocks have been selected based on hedge fund sentiment, fundamentals, analysts’ ratings, and growth potential based on core business strengths.



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Their weak performances are largely due to extreme volatility in silver prices in 2017, which have seen three sharp corrections so far this year… Wheaton Precious Metals (erstwhile Silver Wheaton) is one of the most popular dividend stocks in silver thanks to its offbeat business of streaming. Unlike the three companies discussed above, Wheaton Precious Metals doesn’t own or operate mines but buys metal streams from other miners in exchange for funding them up front to support their capital projects.