Barb’s Seduction In order to Perversion – of the Suewatcher – Younger partner was lured through age-mail, and you will will get a slut for her black colored partner

Barb’s Seduction In order to Perversion – of the Suewatcher – Younger partner was lured through age-mail, and you will will get a slut for her black colored partner

Balling New Baby-sitter – because of the Conquering Off Bob – Kathy’s first genuine babysitting job is for her Industry Records Professor. It turns out not to ever function as just to begin with she do with him. (MF/f-teenager, ped, exh, initially, mast, oral, cream-pie, preg)

Barrel – from the Matchead – Angie and you can Caught up into the some discarded farm debris, a beneficial bully becomes the lady simply desserts out of a stable target; a more youthful schoolmate. (mf, nc, very first, dental, spank, preg)

J. – A wedded few basic dream about a threesome, next bundle an easy way to allow very takes place

BBW On the Family – because of the Yod Gimel Hen – Good BBW leaves with the an increase on her behalf partner in the a beneficial regional club. (M+/F, exh, dental, rectal, dimensions, preg, wife)

To get A Bitch – of the Anon – A 17 year old woman relates to this new situations in which she became an excellent bitch to have a good German Shepherd canine. (M/F-teenager, F-teen/monster, inc, preg, fantasy)

Bedchamber – by Phoebe – Little sister of the king is interested in his brother’s girlfriend, the fresh new king. (F/M-adolescent, wife, cheating, voy, preg)

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Bee Cee Ess – of the Ulyssa Kincaid – An older public staff member cannot assist herself and you may drops in love which have an early on black colored kid exactly who just got off prison. This can lead to a habits she had not anticipated. (MMF, intr, preg)

Becky Takes A lover – from the B

Until the Marriage – of the Honest McCoy – The girls (and also females) appear to be angels or princesses when marriage. Charlene try the same. Throughout the most readily useful regarding the woman veil for the small coronet within the put, with the rhinestones shimmering to the heels out-of her boots, their seemed the actual image of glowing bridal fame. (MM/MF, inc, reluc, preg)

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Best-laid Arrangements – by J Christopher – Two siblings hatch a plan to get pregnant from the the husbands on a single big date. All of the goes well until a surprise invitees drops within the. (MF-cpls, exh, voy, inc, oral, anal, orgy)

Best-laid Spouses – by the Coyote – Jessica’s spouse makes an unscheduled travel domestic regarding workouts away from urban area, merely to discover their and her aunt, Jodi, getting ready for a sunday from interracial partying. He prompts his girlfriend additionally the sunday finds out your watching their wife along with her aunt procession naked in public places, and playing gender submissives to own a team of black colored guys. In exchange for his reassurance, Jessica offers him a different ladies club member to-break for the while watching the experience. (M+FF, partner, preg, exh, orgy, monster, intr)