It effortlessly burned picture of Palin just like the “Caribou Barbie” gender icon/step profile towards thoughts away from electorate

It effortlessly burned picture of Palin just like the “Caribou Barbie” gender icon/step profile towards thoughts away from electorate

In the event the she wants some thing, it matters perhaps not if the she actually is certified – “We have earned it, since the I would like they” Palin try far from truly the only MK masquerading with the political phase, several of your own very dear “societal servants” are Attention Regulated Submissives!

Palin Front Adjustment (or Notice Documents): model/actress, charm king, outdoor’s lady, news/sports anchor, politician, evangelical Pentecostal Religious. Palin’s changes (notice document) given that continuous “home coming king”is quite apparent– as most MK’s the woman is suspended emotionally at the teenager height (witness competition w/daughters) , socially kids w/ “mean-woman persona” and reflexively childish…

Given that the girl toddlers, just what Sarah wants, Sarah gets! MK’s may have multiple or countless changes (notice data) prog’md in their possibilities- more about PalinMK Prog’mg reinforcement see ” Palin, Beck, Fox News Statue of Independence”

Marionette (DOLL) Prog’mg as the “Caribou Barbie” – this really is Disney-Hollywood provided “script” and therefore turned into dream story force-fed to help you masses thru Rothschild regulated mass media (Reuters/AP) pretending when you look at the show w/Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp (esp. FOX News). Palin’s “DOLL-IFICATION” ( the girl look) was developed by Lisa A beneficial. Kline, brought of the Henry Kissinger Op Gahl Hodges-Burt, who selected closet (costumes) to reinforce Palin’s “Marionette” (DOLL) Prog’mg. Gahl’s hubby, former U.S. Amb. to help you Germany 85-89, is actually Elderly Spouse within Kissinger Partners, Inc., 350 Playground Ave, New york – Sarah Palin was an optical illusion, it’s all ways, gimmicks, and you will fabrications professionally performed behind the scenes –find “Kissinger, Palin, Mengele: Just how Strong Really does The fresh new Bunny Opening Go?” Pt. dos

This new hefty mass media increased exposure of aroused boots, insured GMT got signal – this will be our MK’d Kitten, ole Henry’s most recent Beta Prog’md Gender Servant/Peoples Laptop , and must getting handled properly

Genius of Oz (Dorothy) Prog’mg w/ Disney Layouts: – huge intro Dayton, OH dressed in signature Oz-Dorothy “ruby red slippers” w/Occult red-colored/black combo. This new hefty increased exposure of wardrobe and additionally produced hundreds of thousands to own stores once the girls rushed to replicate this lady “Marionette” Prog’mg, that is the reason she is the fresh new Halloween “It Woman” – regarding Palin Ounce-Dorothy Prog’mg within the “Kissinger, Palin, Mengele – Exactly how Strong Does The newest Bunny Gap Go? Pt. dos

“Hillary put 18 mil c-r-a-c-k-s (super-high-pitched intonation) on high, most difficult glass ceiling in the us, therefore can also be shatter you to definitely mug ceiling completely!” – (3) blatant coded records to help you MK -Super stress/torture procedure that can cause “mindfracturing”or “compartmentalization”or“splitting” which createsalters (brain data files) which is the foundation otherwise key reason for Monarch Prog’mg – which will make Performed (MPD) slaves! GMT uses such adjustment or (attention documents) to complete the fiendish wants – here’s what Palin referenced within the a few phrases! Palinminced to “shown flooring“from the RNC summit 2008. MK’s are continually in the middle of photos that reinforces prog’mg. Begin taking notice out of “formulaic” stage/lay build, and watch how MK prog’mg is made in, and why most of the put generally looks a comparable. Palin existence into the a beneficial frozenlakew/ “Caribou Barbie” moniker, and therefore reinforces“Marionette” (DOLL) Prog’mg. Speaking of all the very identifiable code terminology/signs to have GMT, just who have viewing her prog’mg support, such as for instance their looks on the SNL. The complete Tina Fey/Palin parody try a masterful display out of “duality” otherwise “mirroring” (a critical element of MK prog’mg) w/ MSM while the happy accomplices, struggling with collective vision impairment– how frequently did we hear “I can’t tell them aside“–that it dramatically enhanced Palin’s exposure, if you’re implanting pictures indicating the woman decreased intellectual capabilities…

“Non-physical “twinning” is yet another strange function seen in this MONARCH coding . As an example, several young low relevant pupils was ceremoniously started in the an effective phenomenal “soul-bonding” routine so they was “inseparably matched to possess eternity” (perhaps another Mengele union?). They basically show a few halves of your programmed recommendations, causing them to interdependent abreast of one another .”