She is actually enticed of the Bo during their earliest meeting and you will afterwards fell in love with their

She is actually enticed of the Bo during their earliest meeting and you will afterwards fell in love with their

Lauren (aka Dr. Lauren Lewis) try a person researcher and you may medical practitioner. At that time the latest collection initiate she ended up being a good ward of one’s Ash for 5 many years as a sworn slave, and you can felt nothing more than his assets because of the Fae.

Doctor Scientist Chief Medical Officer on Ash (formerly) Head away from group having Marquise Scientific Medical center Eco-violent (because the a teenager) Educated from the an armed forces business Waiter (if you find yourself covering up throughout the La Males)

  • Genius-top intellect
  • Wise researcher with expertise inside genetics, cryptozoology, morphogenesis, RNA splicing
  • In-depth experience with, and knowledge of, the latest Fae
  • Switched person on Fae crossbreed with secret Fae stem tissues
  • Composed solution one turned Fae to your peoples
  • Search for longevity led to serum that channeled brand new vitality from any Fae she touched
  • Knows how to handle explosives while making pipe bombs
  • Fluent for the Foreign-language, French, and you will Swahili

Profile arc

Lauren wears a good necklace that have a beneficial medallion that scratching their since owned by The new Ash. Even after getting person, Lauren’s position brings in the woman brand new esteem of White Fae. A researcher that have specialization into the family genes and you will cryptozoology, she’s tsdates gratis app comprehensive experience with the various species of Fae and you can their abilities, and you will finds out the latest areas of peoples medical technology bland by comparison.

Content material

It absolutely was shown in the Fae Moved Crazy one to Lauren’s first stumble on on the Fae took place new Congo (Africa) whenever you are she is actually doing humanitarian functions and you can seen the results of a life threatening virus. Brand new crisis, hence merely affected Fae, introduced Lauren to the contact with The fresh new Ash. When Lauren’s medical and you can clinical lookup knowledge were effective during the fighting the illness, he shown so you can the woman the presence of his secret business – however before the girl girlfriend, Nadia, who had followed the woman, try mysteriously infected and you can dropped on the a good coma. Lauren bound by herself to your Ash in return for the means to access brand new Light Fae’s studio and medical tips to acquire a cure for her reputation.

Lauren’s respect to your Ash plus the Light Fae are undeniable. After the Ash is critically injured when you look at the a suicide bombing developed of the Aife up against your and Light Fae Parents, she existed from the their top nearly nonstop. This lady respect toward Ash grounds Lauren when deciding to take their works very seriously and also for this this woman is tend to thought uptight, specifically from the Kenzi. However, Lauren indicates as relaxed and you may amicable inside the Bo’s providers and you can outside of works.

Despite Lauren’s respect for the Ash, this lady has aided Bo to the of a lot hours from the Ash’s have a tendency to at the risk of abuse.

When you look at the Vexed, The fresh Ash bought Lauren to find a method to prevent Bo away from looking up Vex, new Ebony Fae Mesmer, and you may confronting him, which could possess triggered the woman are penalized and carried out by The newest Morrigan. Lauren enticed Bo and they made fascination with initially. Next early morning, significantly less than questioning because of the Bo, Lauren acknowledge so you’re able to being purchased by the Ash in order to distract this lady, and attempted to describe one to she had done it to guard their out-of harm; but Bo, feeling damage, replied angrily and you can stormed out-of Lauren. Its dating is actually strained for some time later, however their common attraction proceeded to thrive and you may Bo eventually forgave the girl.

From the 2nd year, after the first Ash is actually leftover for the a beneficial comatose state, Lauren try died toward the fresh Ash, Lachlan, due to the fact „chattel.”

When you look at the Masks, Lachlan revealed so you can Lauren one to Nadia was purposely set in an effective coma from the a dark Fae Shaman less than orders from the prior Ash. The Ash had him curse Nadia to help you insure you to definitely Lauren do do everything in her power to pick an enthusiastic antidote for the virus that was killing Fae, and you will utilized Nadia’s standing to pull this lady to the fold of the newest Light clan.