The woman is a known treasure thief just who did once the a government agent on earth

The woman is a known treasure thief just who <a href=""><img decoding="async" src="" alt=""></a> did once the a government agent on earth

Rouge the new Bat was a continual antiheroine that looks from the cartoon show Sonic X and its particular comic collection authored by Archie Comics.


Rouge brand new Bat comes with allies, such as for instance Trace brand new Hedgehog and Topaz from Firearm It was not until after a couple of episodes one Rouge and you can Topaz in reality turned into best friends. At the conclusion of the entire year where Topaz and Rouge came across, Rouge and also the anyone else were directed home. While you are Rouge told you good-bye to help you Topaz, Topaz had a rip within her vision, remembering most of the happy times they had. Inside Year dos, she’s one of GUN’s better representatives.

She struggled against the Metarex within the Year 3 when you find yourself seeking to use the a mess emeralds out of Doc Eggman and you may create Trace. She matches the favorable top and stated conflict on Eggman immediately following Christopher Thorndyke try delivered to Earth.

Rouge relatively and also a great locket belonging to Bokkun, Eggman’s live messenger bot. She always brings it out when Bokkun won’t work at tasks on her behalf, hence convinces your for carrying on the lady chores. (In the Japanese type, the within of your locket suggests a picture of Lotion the fresh Bunny, and therefore shows that Bokkun enjoys a break for her.)

Shadow the Hedgehog

When Rouge first built the organization transactions getting permitting Dr. Eggman and you will Trace this new Hedgehog select the A mess Emeralds, she appeared unusually looking for Shadow and you can displayed a fair amount off remorse on the latest bout of the newest series, when observing the new blank supplement she’d found your in. Eggman actually notices that it moment and you will states, „I can’t believe it! You may be concerned about Shadow are not you?”. Rouge denies it, but after asking Eggman where he thinks Trace could well be, she candidates which he knows a thing that he isn’t telling their. Later regarding series, Rouge accompanies Trace, despite he commit of on his own.

Knuckles this new Echidna

Both are competitors as in the new game. Although not, the like interest in both is far more emphasized due to the fact a few has several close discussions along hence hinted its like in some symptoms. When you look at the event 48, she in fact phone calls him „handsome” due to the fact she was flying away to select Chris, that Knuckles grins back. The new 4Kids site mentions the girl break into the Knuckles, but Rouge won’t think about it.

Amy Flower

They look to hold a global rivalry and you can participate fiercely up against both regarding Race Contest and you may she taunts Amy shortly after beating the girl.


She provides teasing him, and in the fresh new tournament arc of Sonic X, she defeats your in the battle of the making out your into the cheek.


Topaz was Rouge’s spouse. In the event to start with, the fresh new regimental Topaz disapproves of one’s scheming Rouge (exactly who possess contacting the woman an old ladies), the 2 become friends prompt. Its main assignments involved striking at Eggman and finding the A mess Emeralds as well as serving because envoys ranging from Sonic and government. Topaz told you goodbye in order to Rouge whenever she needed to return to the girl entire world, Rouge gave her a ring as the a so long provide. This can be quite strange, while the Rouge constantly possess any bit of jewellery she results in. Immediately after Topaz sees Rouge action through the site back to the girl domestic planet, Topaz provides an out from character time where she bursts to the rips weeping, rather than the girl common difficult and you can significant characteristics, suggesting there can be a powerful relationship between the two. In one single event, although not, whenever you are Topaz is actually relaxing into the coastline, she entitled Rouge exactly who thought to the woman you to definitely she’d choose a beneficial cavern since a vacation room as the she is a great bat, and Topaz upcoming understands why Rouge provides such as for instance a boring societal lifetime.